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Rogue Genesis by Ceri London
Rogue Genesis (shimmer in the dark)
From Book 1: Shimmer In The Dark: Rogue Genesis - Volume One of an Exciting Science Fiction & Fantasy Series 
Major Niall Kearey is split between two worlds. 
He lives on Earth, but his mind can visit Astereal, an alien world across the universe. 
He’s just discovered his fantasy planet is real. To the telepathic race on Astereal, Niall is a legend and military leader. Now the dueling forces of the dark stars are tearing Astereal apart and prophecy says he can save them from an apocalypse.
On Earth, Niall’s growing psychic abilities attract unwanted attention putting his family in danger, but his attempt to rescue them has horrific consequences. With alien invasion a real threat, the US government designates him a security risk while a secret political conspiracy seeks to control him and this first contact with extra-terrestrials.
Now Niall is torn between protecting his loved ones, saving an alien race, and his duty to Earth. As history opens his eyes to the full potential of his psychic powers, he finally confronts the disturbing scale of his dilemma.

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